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About us

arkipal e.V. is a non-profit organization, which is registered in the register of assosiations.

The organization’s task is the support of states which are threatend by the climate change and its consequences, by collecting donations (also through Members and sustainig members). Since many paradisiacal Islandstates are highly frequented touristic areas, it is arkipals goal to financially support these areas in cooperation with already existing and respected NGO’s.

Just because of the popularity of these holiday destinations, we, the people have the moral duty to maintain these paradises and to make sure that further generations are able to explore them in the future.

To combine tourism and support, arkipal wants to cooperate with tour operators and airlines, to make donations to a relief project in the favoured holiday destination possible. These relief projects should be related to the environemental protection, disaster assistance, build-up of an infrastructure and most importantly to give the possibility of self-help.

On and in a periodical newsletter the progresses, successes and new projects will be published. Everyone who is interested will be able to sign up for the newsletter. Every donator (also legal persons) will have the possibility to become a sustaining member and to donate periodicaly.

The meaning of “arkipal”: close to the word “archipelago”

ark = every island is an ark with importent animals, plants, cultures and traditions which has to be preserved for the future.

i = “and” in spanish

pal = become a member or sustaining member and with it, a friend of the islands…

We hope to find more people being dedicated and passionate about preserving these paradises and so supporting arkipal for realising its dreams!

Bank account arkipal e.V. in germany:

arkipal e.V.

Sparkasse Bremen

BLZ: 29050101

Kontonr.: 86004264

IBAN: DE35290501010086004264


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