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Dustbins for Velidhoo II.

By admin

As sadly, we have to leave the Maldives because of our VISA determination and financial situation we decided to walk around the island of Velidhoo and try to find people, restaurants and shops which want to have their own arkipal bin to collect the rubbish and bring it to the dump site. As the island council doesn’t have enough financial capacity to cover the costs for pick up service, we decided to ask for the cooperation and action of the local people, as we think that they should learn and get involved more anyways.  With all the ground work we did in the last months we hope their awareness of the environmental issues on the island grew and they will start seeing the advantages of the dustbins in order to protect and improve their island (life)!

Distributing the bins on the island felt in the end a little bit like giving away christmas presents ;) Everybody wanted one and was very proud when i carried it all the way from the warehouse over the island to their shop/house/café or street corner!

I really hope that these bins will get used and maintained properly and not end up as just more rubbish full of rubbish in the indian ocean… See you again people and bins of Velidhoo…

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