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Signs of climate change or/and man made destruction in the Maldives…

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The Maldives is member of the AOSIS and as a low lying small island state one of the first ones feeling the impacts of climate change. As the Monsoon changes in the year are the sign of the changing season it is first of all the change of the ocean currents in the indian ocean. With the current change, the shapes of the islands change as well and you see a shifting of the beaches from one side of the island to the other. In the past years though, the people observe the change that the beaches disappear but don’t come back on the other side of the island. Islands get smaller and houses threatened by the waves and weak grounds. The ground/fresh water becomes less and less as the salt level rises… before the islands sink, life on the islands – home of thousands of people – will be unbearable and soon become impossible…

In Malé, the capital island of the Maldives and home to almost 104.000 people, a wall all around the city has been built and still at high tide and in stormy weather, the waves are coming onto the streets!

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